Autodesk® BIM 360 Glue App Reviews

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Over Sold Software

This app is oversold by Autodesk as being the next innovation in BIM. However the software consistently crashes. Doesn't download models when asked too. Can't even handle full size models like shown in product videos. Horrible customer service when trying to ask for help or resolve issues. Autodesk with its massive control over the BIM and CAD software doesn't seem to care much for the customers because they are the only option.


Thank you for the last update. Perfect tool for on site BIM navigation, easy to use and very useful.

Can Only Use With Wifi

You now need Internet access to open and sign in to the app. My sole reason for downloading app on iPad was to access models in the field when Internet isn't available. This update renders the app useless to me and now makes my job more difficult. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 way to go.

Crashes every time

Used to work great but not anymore. Most of the time it says my file is too large. If I'm even able to open my model it ends up crashing.

No problems yet

Does everything it's supposed to do


Latest version of software does not even load models. Have tried every suggested fix/remedy/troubleshooting option. Have spammed the living crap out of their support forum, bumping old topics of people who have the same issue and get ZERO response. They have been saying "a fix is coming soon" since September 2015. It is now January 2016. No new release since MARCH 2015. This is absolutely inexcusable. My company is sitting on loads of iPads that are giant paperweights now since we cannot use the Glue app as we normally do. Autodesk, FIX YOUR PRODUCT.

App Crashes trying to load models

Please fix

Doesn't work

App does not work with newest iOS. Update immediately as construction does not stop for software issues!!!

More Crashes

New version works but viewing model crashes app 3/5 times until it loads right. More unstable than previous version. Hiding objects now has a 60% of crashing app too. If possible go back to old version release. Wish-list: ability to copy paste text from "Items" Properties tab. Would be 4 stars if not for crashes.

Terrible app.

Very clunky movement, low-quality cheap graphics that flicker with every movement, and convoluted instructions only brushes the surface as to why this app. is a complete disappointment. Immediately after writing this review I will uninstall. One would think a 2 Billion dollar software company could develop something AEC professionals could actually use.


Crashes when opening a linked model. Can't even test drive it on the ipad.

Great app

Fantastic App!!! Thanks for fixing the crashing issue from the last version. This app is now capable of handling our highly complex model.


The latest update for this app has been nothing short of ground breaking. It provides the most useful tool for construction since the invention of paper. We have cut our labor in half in large part due to the effectiveness of this app. The support for this app is wonderful and their response time is next to instantaneous. Nothing but awesome! Mike Mead Director of BIM Operations


Nice app for BIM from Autodesk so far. Works well with large NWD file (I tested with a NWD file ~70mb). But still have a problem with DWF and RVT files, cannot open a few mb file.

Best model viewer to date

Opens large NWD files with relative ease. Well thought out navigation tools - very intuitive to use. Only letdown is lack of Datatools properties from Navisworks. Our superintendents would use this app a lot more if they could see the same database information we're already tracking in Manage. Freedom 2013 can see it — why not 360 Glue?

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